Hi! I am Steve Querengesser and I am running for 2nd VP of the BCTF because of my commitment to engagement, equity, and raising the status of the teaching profession. Read more about my priorities for the BCTF and why I am running for 2nd VP here.

The following ideas are to help generate possibilities for moving forward together. Lots more voices are needed to develop the best plan that will work for all members. I am open to other ideas and suggestions and welcome your feedback and alternatives.

I also recognize that there is no magic wand to make everything happen all at once. But with an engaged membership, democratic processes, and everyone working together, we can do this!

COVID-19 Strategic Responses

Engage, Communicate, and Protect

Read more details in the overview here.


We can engage membership and increase our capacity by:


We can proactively communicate our expertise as professionals and inform members with critical information during the pandemic by:


We can help protect teachers, students, and the public from exposure to the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 by:


All levels of union leadership, both provincial and local, have been working hard during difficult times to help navigate schools through the crisis of COVID-19. Thanks to their efforts, we have made it through the first phases of the pandemic.

Now it’s time to work together to expand our capacity and prepare for what’s next. The stakes have never been higher, but thanks to the dedication of teachers, union leaders at all levels, and the hard work of BCTF staff we have what it takes to make it through this together.

COVID-19 presents huge challenges to everything about how we do our jobs and how the BCTF serves its members. We are being pushed to our limits, which requires that we expand capacity. We can do this by increasing member engagement, bringing more voices to the table, working together to develop recommendations for effective policy and standards, and protecting each other and the students in our classrooms and schools by applying our knowledge as teaching professionals.

To be clear, I certainly understand that some of these ideas will be difficult to carry out and will require working within existing BCTF policies, decision making structures, and our collective agreements with BCTF staff. All of this makes us a stronger, more inclusive, and more effective democratic union of professionals.

Read more details in the overview here.